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THE LABORATOIRE. was born at the intersection between sustainability, style and technology. All the pieces are created by the creative process of Dan Pontarlier, Upcycler Designer, through materials that already exist. Knowing the history of the garments and the original brands of the same is an essential step in order to create a new piece that is in the next level.

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From the brand, we truly believe in the fact that fashion has no gender. We bend our aesthetics, independently of the traditional point of view on shapes and gender. Genderbending fashion goes further than genderless, as it is a political statement that not just supports the liberty of sexual orientation and identification, but also tries to break the damaging heteronormative stereotypes that society and industry have. Through the creation of bold and extravagant designs, THE LABORATOIRE. proposes a line freed from constraints and social stigmas. Unique and daring craftsmanship with eccentric and controversial pieces that are completely made according to personalities and not genders.


All designs are created out of pre-loved and existing fabrics and garments, and the design and creation processes have been updated to digital to reduce waste and decrease the carbon footprint of the brand. Using 3D and rendering software, designs are created without the need of using extra fabric for prototype: going digital, the reduction of fabric used for this purpose is 100%.

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