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no permanent stores.

Stores, in order to be accessed and accessible, they need to be placed in various locations, including central areas in main cities. We’ve learn through our R+D in sustainability that business and companies acquiring places that belong/ed to local entrepreneurs or family companies generates gentrification. This issue affects locals, as this new accessibility for brands or multinationals make selling and renting prices in the surrounding areas skyrocket.


Instead of investing in an establishment, we prefer to redirect our resources towards research and development, innovation and digital customer care. And for this reason we are creating a gorgeous, gigantic, enormous and extremely elegant store (virtual, of course), that has 0 negative impact in the socioeconomic situation of any city…

Neat, right? Stay tuned for the opening of our METAVERSE STORE.

Upcoming Pop-Ups

  • Barcelona Pop-Up
    Time is TBD
    Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  • Napoli Pop-Up
    Time is TBD
    Naples, Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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